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Generators Sales & Service

Don't let a power outage ruin your day!

Keep your home and business running when others can't.

Your home or business is an important place, NAE can help protect you with a automatic generator.

When the lights go out, so does your heating, cooling and lighting. Problems with security and computer problems can cause a major headache for your family or staff, and loss of lights could lead to injuries.

For homes, the generator is installed outside and is run on your home's fuel source (gas or propane). A transfer switch constantly monitors your home's power supply and as soon as mains power fails, the switch starts up the generator, switches your home's supply from the mains to the generator and restores power. As soon as the mains power comes back on the transfer switch will transfer power back to it and stop the generator.

As this is a completely automatic process there is nothing for the home owner to do, and it works whether you are at home or away.

Whether for your home or business a generator can help:

  • Keep your heat running
  • Keep sump pumps running
  • Keep security systems
  • Keep refrigerated food safe
  • and lighting on
  • Keep your family or workers safe!